Frequently Asked Questions:

Holiday Rates

If you select a date and see a different price, this is a holiday rate. Holiday rates apply to 4th of July Weekend, Labor Day Weekend and Travers Day.

OUR TOP 15 Questions!

Do you need a boaters license and what is the intro lesson?

Nope! Unless you are under 25. For new or inexperienced boaters, We offer short 15 minute training lessons at the start of rentals. If you have experience, you will only need a general overview but our staff will confirm you can safely operate the boat by having you dock it once and go over all the safety information. The Renter and driver must be over 21 years of age with ID.

Do you offer shorter than 4 hours or boats other than pontoons?

Unfortunately we do not, and we only have pontoons at this time.

Do you allow pets?

We allow small dogs under 50 pounds!

What is the cancelation policy and for bad weather?

If you cancel more than 24 hours ahead, we will only keep the $100 cancelation fee. Reservations can not be canceled for refund on same day. In bad weather cases, reservations may be canceled a day prior or same day for a full refund!

Do you have life jackets?

Yes, all boats are legally required to have life jackets. For infants or toddlers, you should bring your own as they are size and comfort specific.

Can I keep a boat overnight?

Due to insurance requirements and fueling, all full day (8HR) rentals must be returned each day. You can however, rent more than 1 day in a row. When booking, add each rental day to your cart. They do not have to be the same boat but can be, subject to availability.

Are food and drinks allowed?

Yes! We also offer optional rental coolers with ice included to save you time. You will see at checkout online.

Can I get a captain to drive my rental?

Unfortunately, we do not have captains at this time.

Can I bring swim tubes or noodles?

Yes! The only thing we do not allow, is towing tubes as we do not permit water tubing or skiing. We also have lazy river tubes for rent! You will see at checkout online.

Are there places to eat or visit on the lake?

Yes and yes! When you arrive, our staff will go over the lake and give you a map! There is a spot called Sandy Bay, which is a shallow sand bar many people anchor at, relax and hang out.

Is Fishing Allowed?

Yes! This is another thing we have rentals for if you do not have your own rods. You will also see this at checkout.

Do I need to arrive early for my rental and do I need to bring anything?

You can arrive up to 15 minutes early, as the process does not take to long. Please do not arrive too late as this could add delays if our staff is busy with other incoming reservations. You only need to bring your drivers license.

Is The Dock Handicap Accessible?

Yes! The dock is 5 feet wide and can accommodate a wheelchair for transport to the boat.

What if I have more people than the capacity of 1 boat and what about groups with small children?

Regulations do not allow overfilling of boats. If most of your group are young children, you can surpass the persons limit by 1, maybe 2 as the law states, (persons or weight). However, if you arrive with 11 adults on a 10 capacity boat, we will not be able to permit all on board.

I want to rent 2 half day (4HR) boats for a large group 15-20 people.

This can be done! If you are looking for 2 boats for 4 hours each (Half Day's), you must book 2 boats with both morning arrival times or both evening arrival times. You can show up as 1 big group at the earliest time option you selected. For example: If you rent 1 boat for 10am-2pm and a 2nd boat for 11am-3pm, arrive at 10am. Renting 2 full day (8HR) boats is simple, just select same arrival time for both.

I have a question that is not on this list!

No problem, dial extension 708 for our direct helpline and leave a message for a call back during hours at 866-538-9370. We received over 7,000 phone calls during the 2020 season which is why we made this FAQ's page and added online booking! We are continuously trying to make things easier for our customers without waiting!