Why would you buy a boat? After you spend over $1,000 on dock space, hundreds on winterization & storage, annual maintenance, the cost of gas and on top of all that. The cost of buying the boat itself... SAVE a ton and still enjoy the water all summer by joining our boaters club!

Boaters Club Benefits:

Joining our boaters club gives you the enjoyment of having 5 full days this summer on Saratoga Lake with a huge discount. You can reserve all 5 days ahead or call in at anytime you wish to go out! Whether it's next weekend, next month or even tomorrow!

Now of course, We suggest reserving some of your days in advance as rentals are subject to boat availability.

Boaters Club Pricing:

5 Time - Full Day Bowrider Membership

(Save $500!) $328/Full Day vs $428/Full Day - $1,640 for 5 Full Days

5 Time - Full Day Pontoon Membership

(Save $500!) $498/ Full day vs $598/Full day - $2,490 for 5 full days

Note: Membership fee is paid in advance prior to first rental day

Email Booking@SalviAquatic.com to apply, or use the form on this page.